Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stall and news

Hello Hello!
I know, I neglected the blog in the last weeks, but I have good reasons.
In fact now I am writing seating in living room ready for going to bed.
Well, where to start?
First of all, last week I did the summer school in illustration with Mina Braun at ECA.
It was really cool and exciting and also we had hard work working on our project!
I worked on the scottish fairy tale "Thomas Rymer".
Here some photos that lovely Emma did (she did the summer school as well)

With Mina (I found that Mina in my opinion is the twin of Giulia Sagramola, they have really similar face and hair as well!)

Some pages of my project ready for the final exhibition!
Yes, we have also a small exhibition with a ceremony too. :D
Then, because I wasn't tired enough, on Sunday I went to Glasgow in this lovely place that is Welcome Home to attend a Fanzine workshop run by Marceline and Jen.
I had the chance to talk with Jen eventually that I admire: she really does a lovely work, and is a lovely person too!
Also, Marceline prepared for us a mini zine about zinemaking for us, and we had the chance to see a lot of fanzines and to build our fanzine too!
Marceline created a Zine Challenge, I am going to participate, why don't you try too?
I did one about Italian gesture, I had a lot of fun in preparing this! I was laughing with myself.
This is the cover. Soon I will put it in Etsy too, with Thomas Rymer litte book.

On this regard: if you are in Edinburgh right now and you would like to see this new stuff with your eyes, I will be for the whole month in the stall of Owl & Lion in 3D2D Art Fair.
Here is the link to find exact place: Here!
The green arrow is showing the exact location of the stall! :D
So, you can't mistake.

And also the wonderful artworks of: Mina Braun, Ashley-liv Jamieson, Stuart Simpson, Kimberly Carpenter, Anna Clare Judd, Olly Paterson, Towera Ridley

(Thank you Emma for the Photos!)

Now I really need to sleep my dear friend, see you soon. : )


Ilaria Benedetti said...

Wow, Aurora, your last weeks seem really interesting! Lot of cool stuff!

Sympathy For The Devil said...

awwww it's always nice hearing from you!!
have a nice day ok :))

(btw i didnt know that your name is Aurora? you're such a princess, a pretty one!)


Nekocherry said...

Thank you very much girls nice to hear you! :)

amba said...

ahahah :D you're brilliant!