Friday, 30 July 2010

Video of the Year

I am totally gone hog wild for this video.
I saw it this morning and sing the song for all the day in the studio!
I laughed alone thinking about it.
Moreover the song says "Neko" so in the future if I will become very famous, I will publish a book and this book will be advertise like in television, I would like to have this music as background!

Oh my....

Actually I hate television, so maybe in the radio!
Now I come down from the cloud, and I show you a new work that I am printing those days.

Have a nice week end!


Deborah Leigh said...

What a great video. I love Asian Illustration!

Sympathy For The Devil said...

heheh, that would be great! :D
have a nice day!!!!


Emma said...

That video is soooo cute! I think you will like this one about eggs too: