Thursday, 16 September 2010


2D3D Fair is over. We have been having a wonderful time together. Here you can see some photos of the last days. At the end we were so tired but also so sad it was over, it was like staying in a family really. Great time! 


Photos are by Naomi Hare, Ashley Jamieson and Vivienne Lowe

We had another stall in the Lot on 12th of September and we will have another one on the 10th of October, still in the Lot, so do not hesitate if you want to visit us, if you are in Edinburgh. 

During August I had an exhibition in Carbonia, Sardinia, organized by associazione ARCI "la gabbianella fortunata". I was selected with 5 other artists to exhibit in Villa Sulcis on the 20th 21th and 22th August.
The theme of the exhibition was "le relazioni pericolose" (dangerous relationship). 
I exhibited 5 digital prints. I talked in my images about violence on women. This is an important issue which is frequently too burning and embarrassing. It often involves people around us, people that we know very well, and that prefer to not talk. 

Unfortunately I was still in Edinburgh during the exhibition, so I could only see these photos, listen comments of people and see this video, that shows Andrea Contu, the organizative director that describes about the exhibition and artists. 

This is the Caption that Claudia Pinna, curator of exhibition wrote about my artwork (only in Italian for now, sorry... :) I will translate it soon) 

"Un filo per stendere perchè i panni sporchi si possano lavare fuori di casa.
E poi un uomo
una donna
un pugno che si alza
una donna che frappone il braccio fra sè e la violenza.
La semplicità delle linee, la pulizia delle stampe rende bene la crudezza della situazione.
Quando una storia d'amore diventa una relazione pericolosa blocca lo spazio e il tempo, nel silenzio degli altri e nel rumore che spesso pare rimbombare solo dentro le mura domestiche. La serialità delle figure sbatte in faccia la molteplicità del pericolo, abbatte con l'infinito delle sofferenze delle donne colpite, culmina con l'ultima sagoma, rossa, quella più angosciante."

Another news: some of my Cats are now exhibited in Ephemeris,
 24 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh. It is a lovely Tea House and the owner, Anna, is a wonderful person, really sweet and kind. Also she has many different types of exquisite Tea and sweets (try the blossoming Tea and the scones)! Yum! I will post photos as soon as possible! 

Another info before to closing this really long post: some of my artwork and craft are now available in the lovely shop Hannah Zakari! Rachael has in her shop really different and particular types of crafts and artworks. I love in particular work of SnowPony, Emma Henderson! She does lovely bags! 

Ok, now I go to sleep, It was a long and hard day! Sleep well folks!

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