Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Comic Landscape

Today is a lovely snow day, so I am in the right mood for updates!

Solihull Gallery Spaces (G1, G2 and heritage Gallery) are celebrating the opening of the two next exhibitions.
Comic landscape and Ellipsis

Comic Landscape is a year long Gallery project where artists involved have been working with young people in the north of Solihull using the regeneration as inspiration. The exhibition showcasees artists original works, artist interpretations of the young peoples work and original arts created by the young people.

This launch starts the 2nd of December at 4.30pm- 6pm- all young people that have taken part will be coming to the Gallery

Artist, Pak-Keung Wan will be exhibiting new bodies of work including drawings and projection.

Both exhibitions have received funding support from the Arts Council.

I participated too, unfortunately I will see only photos of the exhibition, too far for me right now.

I also want to show you:

Giulia Sagramola

He is Arnaldo, my new friend, he is a Giulia Sagramola's creation.
Isn't he lovely?
He so cuuuute! I can't resist! :D nobody stands up to him!

Pika Package :)

Pika Package! (Just arrived!)

Lady in black with bicycle

New illustration! Inspired to Bologna. 

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