Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cagliari and shopping

Hello! You can't say that in these days I am not writing enough.
Yesterday I went to Cagliari to bring my screen printed notebooks and exercise books to Sa Pintadera.
Ale and Davide are working hard to make the shop more and more cute!
We talked about a workshop for this winter probably, so stay tuned because really soon I will talk better about this. I like the shop because it is like little Sardinian mountain chalet and because they are really nice and kind! It is full of lovely crafts: jewelery, pottery, t-shirt and handcraft bags!

Also I finally went to visit Tuttestorie the bookshop, and of course I did a bit of shopping. Money to burn!
I bought "Pillole Blu" (Pilules Bleues) of Frederik Peeters and a book of Bruno Bettelheim "The uses of enchantment. The meaning and importance of Fairy Tales" (my psychotherapist heart.....).
I am a book bulimic in this period. I would like to read more and more and more and more.

Also I went to Loriga Fumetti and I finally bought the book of Giulia Sagramola "Milk and Mint", I wanted this book since long time because I use to read her blog, and it is a really wonderful example of autobiographical comic, so I read it in the train, while I was returning in Carbonia. Giulia has this natural ability to tell her story in a light and also intensely style.

I saw my dear friend Ilenia, and we had a nice chat in an old and beautiful cafè in the center of Cagliari.
I planned to go to have a crepe in this place near the Ospedale Civile but at the end of the day I just ran to the train station, it was too late!

I enjoy a lot Pilules Bleues (of course I read it just back home):  Peeteres treats theme of HIV in a so delicate, sincere and open way that you can only be conquered.
I have to start to work to my new project those days and I would like to go to the sea, for a walk as well....
Well, we will see.
I leave you with the cover of my new purchases :)

Have a nice saturday



ciao carissima,
allora quand'è che torni un pò da queste parti?

un abbraccio

Ilaria Benedetti said...

Anch'io sono un'amante di comics. "Pillole blu" l'ho scoperto grazie ad un amico di Barcellona e mi é piaciuto molto. Lo stile tra l'altro mi ricorda quello di Craig Thompson, che é uno dei miei preferiti.
Non concoscevo Giulia Sagramola, ma grazie al tuo blog sono andata a visitare il suo sito e mi piace. La prossima volta che vado in Italia cerco il suo fumetto.

Nekocherry said...

@emanuela: Prestissimo!
@ilaria: Sai che di Craig Thompson non sono ancora riuscita a leggere niente? Mi rifarò presto! :)

Zelda was a writer said...

trovata!! e italiana ;D
bene, mi salvo il tuo blog!
felice di essere qui,

giulia sagramola said...

wow Aurora, grazie davvero per le tue parole, mi fanno molto piacere :)
Pillole Blu è bellissimo e si, anche Craig Thompson devi leggerlo assolutamente! Ti consiglio anche Manuele Fior e Alessandro Tota. baciotti e a presto!

Nekocherry said...

@Zelda: Piacere, benvenuta!
@Giulia: Grazie, sono sempre alla ricerca ispirazione in questo periodo! Non vedo l'ora di scoprirli!