Monday, 7 April 2014


Cari amici, 

Dall' 8 al 13 Aprile le mie ceramiche illustrate saranno esposte in Via Giuseppe Revere 6, a Milano, insieme alle creazioni di Flaminia Veronesi
i tavolini TamTam di Federico Motta e altri progetti di artisti e Designers riuniti da Paola Noè per l'evento Fuori Salone KIDSROOMZOOM #4.

L'iniziativa di KIDSROOMZOOM avrà luogo in una casa riarredata completamente con oggetti, mobili, giochi e progetti ideati per i Bambini.

L'inaugurazione sarà martedì 8 a partire dalle 6.00 pm.

Partecipate numerosi, grazie! 


From 8th to 13th of April my illustrated ceramics will be exhibited in Via Giuseppe Revere 6 in Milano, during KIDSROOMZOOM #4.

Kids room – ZOOM! is a special home exclusively designed for children staged and curated by unduetrestella founder Paola Noé with Austrian children’s furniture designer Thomas Maitz from perludi.
The project provides a snapshot of contemporary design and contemporary art works for children and aims at moving this young, emerging creative scene into the center of public attention.
The idea is to create a real house for children and to remember when we were littleto understand childrens’ world nowadays and operate in it.
The exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products on a large area of 200 square mts. The exhibition area is the representation of a living space. The single rooms are arranged as children’s rooms. It is all about interpreting the living environment of children. Besides furniture the event also features the objects that surround kids in their daily life.

Kids room – ZOOM! Furniture and objects contribute to building up the material world around a child and are therefore significant carriers of meaning. Whether crafted by hand or industrially manufactured, pieces of furniture and objects for children reveal a lot about adults’ attitudes towards the physical and mental development of children. When designing for kids, one has to consider various factors: intimacy and the system within a family, power, autonomy and personal territory, learning and, above all, the significance of playing.

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