Friday, 10 May 2013

Exhibition at Cambridge Art Salon and workshop at Cambridge Science Centre

These past months have been very full. Lot of work, book fairs (Bologna and London) and many things to do.
I have just realised that I still had to write about my exhibition at Cambridge Art Salon and about the workshop that I led at Cambridge Science Centre.

Let's start with the exhibition; it was a truly wonderful experience, thanks to Ruthie Collins, Art Salon and friends that helped and supported me.
I was also featured on the Cambridge News, you can read it on line, here.

My window dressing was very successful and received a lot of appreciations, to such an extent that they asked me to keep it also for the next exhibition; as you can imagine I was really pleased.

A lot of people came to the opening, from all ages! A lot of children with their parents also, and the atmosphere was happy and cheerful.

Here you can see some photos of the event.


On the 24th of February I ran a workshop for children at Cambridge Science Centre.
The workshop was connected with e-Luminate Festival. Thanks to Alessandra Caggiano for inviting me.
The workshop was aimed at increasing the awareness of children about sustainability and the environment.
I created a small booklet with illustrations, games and simple sentences about daily actions that kids can do to develop their knowledge about sustainability and energy conservation.
We had a lot of fun!


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