Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Memoires d'un Doudou

Also this year Francesca Capellini organised an exhibition during the Salon du Jeunesse in Montreuil, at De Fil en Cafè. She had a wonderful idea.
We were 16 illustrators (Sara Gavioli, Giulia Sagramola, Sarah Mazzetti, Marta Iorio, Francesca Ferri, Nicola Giorgio, Emanuele Rosso, Umberto Mischi, Giada Fiorindi, Marta Muschietti, Fabrice Beau, Ilaria Boscia, Daniela Tieni, Francesca and me) and Francesca asked each of us to draw a self-portrait with our doudou, the favourite toy of our childhood (or transitional object, to say it with a technical language - I am still an art psychotherapist too! :D), and to write a sentence about it. This sentence was then sent to another illustrator who had to illustrate our doudou. They didn't know who wrote the sentence.
Working on my doudou brought back to my mind a lot of memories and also drawing the doudou of the other illustrator piqued my curiosity. It is particular how it created a sort of silent relationship with the other person. I felt like I had to keep a secret.
The result was extraordinary and moving. Going into the cafè and discovering all the illustrations and their pairing was really intriguing. 

Thanks to Francesca for inviting me, for all her hard work to organize everything and for the photos. Thanks to Marianne who hosted us this year too.

I hope we could bring the exhibition in others cities too!

Here a post from Francesca about the exhibition (sorry, in Italian only).

Marta Muschietti and me 
Me and Emanuele Rosso

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