Sunday, 4 November 2012

The BIG art school draw

The 20th of October I participated to the BIG art school draw - an event part of Big Draw - coordinated by Access Art, in collaboration with Cambridge School of Art, at Anglia Ruskin University. This  event was funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and Cross-border cooperation program 2007-2013) as part of the VIVID project.
Access Art organised a series of workshops aimed at teenagers aged 13 to 18 that we run at Anglia Ruskin University: Drawing with Light, Autobiographical Drawing, Drawing Space, Drawing the News, Drawings which Move and Drawing with Textiles.
I run the workshop about Autobiographical drawing and it was a great experience. First of all, when I arrived in the morning I didn't expected such a huge and enthusiastic response; Anglia Ruskin gallery was crowded with teenagers! I had 16 students, and they were all really interested in the work. 
We worked on different materials and techniques and at the end we built a little book with Japanese bookbinding. 
Jan Ayton was in the room with me and took amazing photos and also helped me a lot during all the workshop, thanks a lot! 

Moreover, I drew the poster for the event. 

If you want to read more about the day, and see the photos that Jan Ayton took, you can find an interesting article on Access Art website.

Thanks a lot to Access Art for inviting me. 

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