Sunday, 15 May 2011

Circus without animals

Hi everybody!
Here you can enjoy some photos from the exhibition "il circo senza animali" (the circus without animals), in Exmà, Cagliari.
Thanks to Giorgia Atzeni, that organized this incredible wonderful initiative, for having invited me. The association Fogli Volanti really did a great job! I really would have liked to be there. A special thanks to Pia Valentinis for the photos! This helped me to join in.... from my desk! :)
I really enjoyed the idea to allow children to leave comments below the illustrations, very smart!
Here you can see a video realized by a local TV, Videolina.

My illustration


Victoria Stitch said...

wow absolutely LOVE your illustration! i would hang that upon my wall anyday! it's brilliant!

pia said...


Nekocherry said...

Thank you so much Victoria!

indira lakhsmita said...

wwoooowww this is amazing, i am SO PROUD of youuuuu!!!!


oh i wish i could this someday...

Maldito Columpio said...

This ilos is so fantastic,
I love every little detail!