Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bologna Children's Book Fair

I had four wonderful days in Bologna Children's Book Fair, with my friend Mina, Cristina and Giulia. I also met wonderful and talented people like Kike, Marina Girardi, Ana Ventura, Yocci, Philip Giordano, Alicia Baladan and....Camilla Engman!

I want to leave space to photos, they want to talk.

Cristina's Draw

Mina's Draw


Ana Ventura's Exhibition

Me, Marina and Silvia the Violinist

Camilla Engman and Ana Ventura Exhibition

Giulia, Mina and Cristina, work in progress....

Philip Giordano's exhibition


ana ventura said...

Nice too see pictures from the visitors :-)

gracia said...

Aha! Looks and sounds wonderful to me... tanks for the photos shared.