Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Auld Hoose

Hi Folks! Here we are: some photos of Sunday!
We went to visit the exhibition in The Auld Hoose, unfortunately I was in Italy the opening day, so we had a great sunday roast (lamb, yummy!) and enjoyed Knock my socks off artworks!

Exhibition in the Auld Hoose - Edinbugh

Exhibition in the Auld Hoose - Edinbugh

Wow! Christmas is so close and I have a lot of stuff to organize.
First of all a comics workshop for children in a nice Bookshop in Bologna, Golconda, in Via Nosadella. It will be the 8th of December!

Last but not least: this weekend I will participate a workshop with the wonderful illustrator Kitty Crowther I am soooo excited! 

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