Friday, 8 October 2010

Me, Coffee and Tea

Today my new french press exploded, it was an ikea one and was full of just done herbal tea. Yes, in this period no coffee for me. It is compulsory :(
Anyway, I am trying to cope with this sacrifice trying every type of really special tea. Two minute from my house there is a place full of wonderful different tea, all very yummy and scented.
All this speck to say I forgot to put in the blog the new design for tea towel.


Let me know if you like it!

Tea towel


Patricia Sahertian said...

love it

Nekocherry said...

Cheers! ;)

Zyzanna said...

Cute design! Where is the tea place? I am in need of some fancy tees...

Nekocherry said...

Zyzanna, it is called Ephemeris, and it is in Marchmont


love is colder than death said...

if you visit me someday, i'll make you some Tarik Tea :))

how are you doing?
everythings fine?