Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Good morning! I have found some flowers today and yesterday, many flowers for me. :)

First of all: I am inside the daily diaries of Gemma Correll! I can't believe it! I met Gemma, Anthony (her boyriend, he is an illustrator too) and the famous Mr.Pickles next week, we had a coffee in Peter's Yard (people try this if you come in Edinburgh. It is great! But before, save a lot of money, because it is expensive too but you know "semel in anno, expecially in Edinburgh, I need a good coffee!"). They are really nice! And Mr. Pickles is cute indeed!
And yesterday I saw she drew me in her famous daily diary. Gemma is really an exemple for me, I love her artwork, I follow her since long time, so you can immagine my happiness!

Another Surprise is that Katie Green reply to my e-mail, she wrote me a lot of advice, I am really glad! Such a beautiful waking uo I had! Go to take a look to her blog, she rule!

And also I discovered a lovely artist this morning, during my blog walking, her name is Becca Stadtlander, and I am in love with this illustration:

Have a nice day lovely people


Ohioja! said...

ahhhh ho visto il daily diaries...che emozione,sei nella mia letture preferita!

Sympathy For The Devil said...

cool, agree with you i like that house.
would like to live there with some ghosts :D

Katie Green said...

:D finding my name mentioned in this post made me ahppy too, so we made a nice little circle!

I'm jealous that you got to meet Mr Pickles!!!