Friday, 25 June 2010

Cat in Edinburgh

I really make profit of this free day, I update my Etsy shop and my Flickr, also I took new photos of my items. But the most important things is that today I am glad to introduce you my Cat in Edinburgh! 

I am working on this project from one month, and I am hand screen printing all in Edinburgh printmakers.
It is hard work, but I am so satisfact about this, you can't imagine. Every day I see new print take life, It is wonderful. 

From today it is possible to buy print, pocket mirror and notebook in my Etsy shop or if you prefer to meet me in person you will have to wait August. 
Yes, there is another big news, I will took  participate in the Edinburgh Festival through Arts and Crafts fairs in the city, with Owl & Lion Gallery  and Hoot & Roar collective. 
I am pretty excited about this. I am preparing a lot of materials, art and new creations for this, and also I am learning many interesting and useful things.

First of all I am happy to learnt to screen print: I think there is something of magic in the process, and also this is learning me to be a bit more precise and patient. Yes, It is a great experience.

Well, too many words this time, enjoy the photos. :)
Have a lovely night, folks.

Robert Burns- hand screenprinted art print - limited edition

Cat in Edinburgh 1225 - hand screenprinted art print - limited edition

Cat in Edinburgh 1926 - hand screenprinted art print - limited edition

Cat in Edinburgh 1677 - hand screenprinted art print - limited edition

Mary Queen of Scots - hand screenprinted art print - limited edition

Cat in Edinburgh 1732


Robert Burns . Hand screenprinted Notebook

Hand screenprinted Notebook

Exercise Books - Hand screen printed


amba said...

OHH! this cats are so charming!

amba said...

I was thinking on my favorite... but I couldn't choose only one... hmmm

Nekocherry said...


amba said...

Good morning Nekocherry (it's morning for me...) don't worry :) I was (we was) very curious about your interpretation, but every month we will start a new contest... so every month you have an opportunity!

Zyzanna said...

Oh, I completely ADORE the Rabbie Burns one!

We met veyr briefly on the etsy meeting :) I am only now catching up with stuff since then... All because of my job(by).

I hope you're well! xx


Kitty Stampede said...

These are sooo great!!! ^-^

Nekocherry said...

Thank you girls!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi - Was lovely to meet you at the Etsy evening. I love what you are doing with the Edinburgh cat series ! Good luck with all the exhibitions and shows :)

lakhsmita indira said...

ohh, you and the cats.
you guys are so adorable!

kisses hugs :))

jff said...

Felicitaciones, es muy lindo :)