Monday, 29 March 2010

Cool Monday

Today I am going to sew the labels! Because it is arrived thiiiiiis:

My new super mini sewing machine! Party Party! I know! We will be good friends! :-)
Look under her sexy bottom the stamps that I found in a charity shop on Saturday.
In the background the coffee, of course.

My home is a bit a mess, I am going to tidy up, but first....

The super discovers of the day!
This delicious fruit. This morning I didn't remember the name, but thanks to Clara Leon, I found it!
From my Flickr: "Goldenberry, Physalis, Uchuva, Tomatillo. You can find them in South America, Japan, even southern Europe... any warm climate. Some variations of this family are edible and others are only good for decoration"

Look, they have a good packaging already done! It could be a little chocolate present for Easter (covered with melted chocolate).

And the artist of the day Sabine Timm. Her creations are lovely, aren't they?
Sorry I have to go to do a little pic nic in front of this magic house! See you soon!

:) Have a nice day!

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